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"Your presentations, advice, materials are excellent. You have provided us a marvellous set of tools and methods.

Which of us will take advantage of them and which will not?
Those who have "disciplined optimism" probably will. The others will bob upon an unsettled sea of uncertainty and eventually give up and fade away.

Until some shiny object grabs their attention.


Bill Slater



"Frankly, your mentoring program could not have showed up at a better time!

I was nearing a dead-stop in my business development because I just didn't know what I needed to be doing next. I was working very hard, yet not getting anywhere!

In one week's time, as a result of your program, I have a clear direction and renewed enthusiasm for creating a profitable and professional business.

I guess a good way to describe how the Master Agenda has worked for me is that it has given me a complete framework to work with; I can take all the "systems" and products I've purchased and plug them into the appropriate piece of the framework.

I feel that it has given me a complete blueprint to work from, not just bits and pieces."

Amy M. Charland



"I've been marketing online now for several years, and it's refreshing to have a guy like Alex on your "team!"

He's very practical, has his feet planted firmly on the ground, with his "Laser Shield" deflecting all the marketing hype out there to give a no-nonsense view of how to help you reach your goals.

And having to be accountable to someone for your progress is very helpful and will get you focused and productive.

Get Alex on your team!"

Howard "OutSourcerer" Tiano



"Alex, in one month your methodology has me working at a level I've never achieved before."

April Maks



"I would like to thank you for all your training which has meant that I now have a structure to work with.

Thank you for all your effort and giving me this opportunity to apply my actions to my business in a more professional way.

This has already paid off by being more focused and organized.

I don't feel I am spinning my wheels any more.

The weekly report of yours has now become a weekly assessment that I do to evaluate my progress using a lot of triple loop learning."

Terry Luffman



"Alex's mentoring is showing me how to plan and build my own business.

This isn't some fancy affiliate training where I build his business for him, I decide what I want to do and he's showing me how to do it.

All the theory is there too so that I know what to do and more importantly, why.

This mentoring can be applied to much more than just Internet Marketing, this will change the way you do things in many more areas of your life."

Ian McLaren



Alex Goodall

I'm Alex Goodall, the person behind Internet Professionals.

I've been active online for many years, and full-time since early 2009.

My previous experience includes:
  • 10 years working as the Principal Knowledge Management Consultant and
    Project Manager in a multi-national corporatation

  • 8 years as Founder and Managing Director of an artificial intelligence
    software development and training company

  • 10 years as an advanced technology Consultant, Writer and Publisher of a leading-edge, high-cost newsletter

  • 6 years part-time personal study into adult developmental psychology and personal/organizational change

Online, I have been selling an organising tool for internet marketers since 2006. It's the most comprehensive and professionally designed IM organizing tool on the planet.


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So now you know about the Internet Professionals Master Agenda (IPMA) Program and my Mentoring Program.

Further down on this page I'll tell you exactly what you get with each program (there's a LOT of it!), but first here is a....

Three-point reminder of how this Program can transform your fortunes - and why it is probably the only program that can do it:

  • Up until now, your whole approach to setting up your online
    business has NOT been working.

If it had been working, you'd have a working business up and running by now.

  • You need to fix things at the highest, STRATEGIC level.

Probably everything you've been trying, and everything being sold to you, is designed for the tactical and operational levels. That is why nothing you've done seems to make any difference in the long term.

You simply MUST look at the bigger picture to make a difference.

  • The Internet Professionals Master Agenda Program works at the STRATEGIC level - and is the ONLY program that takes this approach.

It provides you with step-by-step guidance, webinar recordings, mindmaps and templates to fix things at the strategic level in the most professional way possible.

How the Internet Professionals MA Program works (reminder)

    • If you don't have your own agenda in place, the IM promoters will keep imposing their agenda on you...

..and you'll keep reading more sales threads, and watching more webinars and buying more shiny objects and never making any progress on your business.

    • The IPMA is explicitly designed so you can pick it up and adopt it right away...

.. and immediately use it as a shield to protect yourself from the IM promoters.

But it's much more than that.

    • The IPMA will help you create your own personalised agenda for your business...

.. so that you will have a structure and a framework that you can use to help drive your Actions and your Decisions.

Without that, no matter how much you do and how hard you work, your actions will have

NO consistency...
NO focus and...
NO direction.

Which ultimately, means: NO Success.

OK - so here are your options, once you have decided that something significant has to change in the way you go about setting up your online business. (After all, if you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting.)

Option 1:     Mentoring Program

Get my personal support (details below) in applying the Internet Professionals Master Agenda (IPMA) material to your specific circumstances .

As a mentee, you get full and immediate access to the IPMA material.

Option 2:    Internet Professionals Master Agenda Program

If the full mentoring is not right for you, then go for this option.

You get immediate access to ALL the material that supports my mentoring program: 33 Webinars, 22 Detailed Mindmaps, 26 Templates/Tools.

You also get guidance on how to use this material yourself to transform your whole approach to setting up and running your business.

Like nothing you've come across before in the IM world

Here are the components of the Mentoring Program, followed by the full list of the areas of the IPMA. Take your time looking through this and you'll begin to see exactly why it's like nothing you've come across before in the IM world.

Internet Professionals
Mentoring Program

(Subject to availability)

Let me be clear about the nature of this mentoring program: it is primarily to do with the higher-level strategic issues of your business - especially setting it up - and about you and how you operate your business.

It is NOT about internet marketing. For example, I'm not going to "mentor" your copywriting or keyword analysis etc. Of course, I can and will express opinions and ideas on IM topics since I DO have a huge amount of experience in that area - but that isn't where the real value lies in the program.

These are the individual components of the Mentoring Program.

Access to the IPMA Material

You get full and immediate access to everying in the Internet Professionals Master Agenda Program.

In fact, this material is the cornerstone of the mentoring program and it embodies all my best thoughts, ideas and perspectives.

What you get with the mentoring program (amongst other things) is my help in applying this to you and your circumstances, and my reviews of the documentation you create using the IPMA material.

Profile Evaluation

This is what kicks off our relationship.

I'll send you a form to complete which will help me to understand you, your background, your experience and your goals.

In fact, the process of completing that profile will also tell YOU a lot about yourself.

2-3 Start-Up Skype Sessions

On our first Skype session, we'll discuss your profile in general terms, and specifically decide which are the most relevant Stages for you in the IPMA Program. It is quite possible that we will have different initial opinions about that: if so, the discussions will be invaluable to you.

Deciding on what Stages require your immediate attention will give you that all-important Agenda that results in you being laser-focussed. Anything else will, by definition, be a distraction.

A recent mentee told me at this first meeting that he had cancelled all other subscriptions for the time being: he had exactly the right idea.

We will schedule a follow-up meeting to check on progress and keep the initial momentum going. Where necessary, we will also have a third meeting.

Accountability Program

If you are exceptionally insightful, knowledagable and skillful, you could ignore everything in the IPMA Program and the Mentoring Program - except for this component.

There is something in the fundamental genetic make-up of human nature that makes us perform so much better if we are accountable to someone. If we know that someone else is expecting us to complete a task by a certain date, we are much more likely to get it done than if we are the only ones who know about, or care about, that deadline.

That's why many people perform exceptionally well when they have a boss, but are all over the place when they suddenly have no-one "monitoring" them.

But don't worry - I'm not suggesting I become your boss!

But I am suggesting that you sending me a Weekly Report (which is how the Accountability Program works) is the most valuable single thing you could do to improve your peformance. I'll tell you exactly how to structure this Report so that you get the maximum benefit from this activity.

I will read your Report each week, and - at the minimum - I'll acknowledge receipt: so you'll know that someone is keeping an eye on you! Where I feel I can add value, I will make a comment - sometimes in detail.

From the feedback I've received, my mentees find these comment to be extremely helpful.

This accountabilty program has psychological benefits that go beyond what I have described here. It is even more beneficial than you think, in ways which will surprise you.

I can't recommend this too highly. I have very experienced marketers as mentees who are on the program only for this component.

Support For Business Model Selection

Although I include detailed advice and guidance in the IPMA on this very topic, it continues to be a problem for many people.

For this reason, I now provide explicit support on business model selection - when appropriate - to my mentees.

I have a shortlist of business model ideas - usually with selected blueprints from people who fit specific criteria - which I can suggest to mentees who having problems making a decision.

If necessary, we can discuss these over Skype.

Ongoing Email Support

I am avilable to my mentees to answer questions via email - primarily in relation to the topics covered by the IPMA, but I will also offer help in other areas, where I can.

I don't arbitrarily restrict the number of emails per week, but rely on my mentees not to abuse this facility - which they don't!

Skype Review Sessions, As Needed

As and when needed, I am available for Skype conversations to talk through specific topics, brainstorm, or just bounce ideas off.

As a mentee, you can ask for such a review session when you feel the need (again - I rely on mentees not abusing this, rather than imposing arbitrary limitations). Sometimes, I may offer a session when I think it could be useful.

That's it for the Mentoring Program.

And now for the full details of the....

Internet Professionals
Master Agenda Program

The Internet Professionals MA Program is made up of the following areas, which I describe in more detail below.

The Seven Stages (details below)

This is a sequence of Stages that everyone goes through in setting up an online business. The final Stage (Operating Stage) is the one where your business is up and running.

In most training systems for internet marketing, the first step you're told is to Choose your market/niche. The more enlighted systems (and there are very few of those) suggest that you should first of Choose your business model.

In the IPMA Stage Model, you don't get to choose your business model till you reach Stage 4! Read through the description of the Stages below and you'll see why that makes so much sense.

Of course, not everyone needs to start at Stage 1 (although most people should apply the ideas in that Stage) - and I provide guidance on how you can decide on where the most relevant Stage is for you.

IPMA Lite (details below)

A very light-weight version of the IPMA idea.

This isn't an alternative to the full IPMA, but a shortened version that you can use at various points within the full version.

Business Model Frameworks (details below)

Unique, high-level overviews of

  • Niche Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Development

IM Technique Frameworks (details below)

Unique, high-level overviews of

  • Traffic Generation
  • Traffic Conversion
  • Monetisation

Internet Professionals Disciplines (details below)

A collection of invaluable topics for internet professionals that are rarely discussed elsewhere in the IM world.

  • Activity Monitoring
  • Continuity Management
  • Documenting Operational Processes
  • Link Management
  • Market Engagement
  • Performance Tracking
  • Recording Keeping
  • Time Management

Professional Development Program (details below)

An approach to personal development in the working environment that calls upon proven research into adult developmental psychology, including techniques that are used by performance consultants in large corporations.

And finally....  here is a detailed description of each of these areas so you know exactly what you get when you sign up to the Internet Professionals MA Program.

The Seven Stages

1. Asserting    

Follow the guidance in just this ONE module, and you will almost certainly see a positive return on your investment. Your efficiency will improve and you could save yourself hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

This Stage will help you "clear the decks" to allow you properly
to adopt the rest of the Master Agenda.

The major topics covered are:
  • Email Management
  • Time Management
  • Purchase Management

The Asserting Stage includes a comprehensive Mind Map with an embedded Action Plan, a 1-hour Webinar Recording, and a Speadsheet template for your Purchase Records.

2. Learning    

If you take the approach to learning that I recommend here, you will avoid the mistake which almost everyone makes when they start off online.

People make this mistake because almost everyone promoting a business blueprint tells them to do this. But my experience in the field of knowledge management, and my own observations, tell this is a very serious strategic error.

But I don't provide the learning! There are thousands of learning resources, so why should I replicate that?

Instead, what I do is help you understand what you need to learn, and when to do it, and when you have done enough so you can move on. (It's too easy to get stuck in the mindset of "I need to learn a bit more before I DO anything...")

The Learning Stage includes a comprehensive Mind Map with an embedded Action Plan, a 1-hour Webinar Recording, and a Documentation Template for recording your Learning Plan.

3. Visioning    

On more than one occassion, I've had people contact me and say "Alex, I'm unsure of my direction: I need to go back and do my Visioning because I skipped it (or didn't take it seriously) before."

It's one of those topics that you can easily skip because you'd rather "get on and make some progress". But skipping it could mean that the "progress" you make over 4, 5, 6 months or more is thrown out of the window.

I explain here how your Vision relates to your Strategy and Actions and Outcomes. Specifically, I explain how to:

  • Create a compelling Personal Vision for your future
  • Create a Business Vision that will help make your Personal Vision a reality

The Visioning Stage includes a comprehensive Mind Map with an embedded Action Plan, a 1-hour Webinar Recording, a Documentation Template for recording your Personal Vision, and another one for recording your Business Vision.

4. Choosing & Defining    


The objective of this Stage is to select a Business & Operating Model that will allow you to achieve your Vision.

This is a truly critical Stage which is nearly always totally ignored. Most often, people jump blindly into a choice of business model based on the most persuasive sales pitch they recently read.

The fact that this Stage even exists at all makes the Master Agenda almost unique. (Just in case there is any confusion - the Choosing is NOT about choosing a niche. In some business models you WILL need to choose a niche, in others you won't. Again, this is dealing with things at a higher level than usual.)

This is a very substantial Stage, and includes:
  • Choosing a Business Model
  • Defining an Operating Model
  • Defining your Business in Detail (using a comprehensive template)

The Choosing & DefiningStage includes a comprehensive Mind Map with an embedded Action Plan, four 1-hour Webinar Recordings, and a Documentation Template for recording your Business Definition.

5. Planning    


You have probably heard the old saying - "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail".

I have my own saying in this area: "You either plan or you gamble".

Of course, the Master Agenda is itself a high-level planning system, but this specific Planning stage deals with the very detailed planning of the project which you will have Chosen and Defined in the previous Stage.

I have developed a detailed planning process for internet marketing projects which, to my knowledge, is not taught anywhere else. There are TWO webinars that cover this, along with a template planning spreadsheet.

The Planning Stage includes a comprehensive Mind Map with an embedded Action Plan, two 1-hour Webinar Recordings, and a Project Planning Template with Examples.

6. Implementing    


In theory, during this Stage, you simply follow everything you said you would do during the Planning Stage.

But, of course, life is never that simple! Here you will learn about the real relationship between Planning and Implementing, and the "joys" of the Launch process!

The Implementing Stage includes a comprehensive Mind Map with an embedded Action Plan and a 1-hour Webinar Recording.

This is the final Stage before.....

7. Operating    


In a perfect world, after you launch your business, you simply follow all the "Operating Processes" which you defined during the Planning Stage.

Yeah - right!

In reality, all hell is let loose with a stream of top-priority, urgent and critical issues that you need to address simultaneously - many of which you had not foreseen at all.

It's like the stage act where the performer has to keep 23 plates spinning at once: if you stop to breath for a moment, they start to fall!

Of course, if you did your Planning and Implementing properly, it won't be quite as bad as that, but however well you plan and prepare, you ARE going to be faced with multiple, critical calls on your time.

So, the big issues at this Stage are

  • Prioritising activities (you will get techniques and spreadsheets to help with that), and
  • Time management and activity management - which are second-round topics within the Asserting Stage (see below)

The Operating Stage includes a comprehensive Mind Map with an embedded Action Plan, a 1-hour Webinar Recording and three Spreadsheets for Project Task Planning, Activity Monitoring and Activity Scheduling.



IPMA Lite is a fast-track application of some of the core IPMA principles which can be used within specific Stages of the main IPMA:

During the Learning Stage: if you want to apply a little more rigour to practical elements of this stage where you follow a business model as a learning exercise.

During the Choosing Stage: if you decide to do a Trial Choosing because you not 100% sure of your choice of business model.

During the Operating Stage: when you are doing business-development oriented projects.

IPMA Lite includes example Business Definition Documents for THREE small IM projects.

Business Model Frameworks

The Business Model Frameworks are not detailed training resources (which you can find in hundreds of other places), but overviews that provide unique high-level understanding of the topics. Nothing like these exists anywhere else.

They are invaluable both for learning about the business models at a high level - during the Learning stage - and also as reference documents - primarily during the Choosing & Defining stage and the Planning stage. They provide the options and choices available to you.

Niche Marketing Framework    

Niche Marketing represents a whole class of business models. The Framework provides an overview of what those business models are, and what all the constituent components/activities are across all of them.

This will help you to:

  • Choose a specific business model within niche marketing that suits YOU
  • Understand what sort of components you need to have in place to support the specific activities for that business model
  • Understand which components/activities are covered by any tool or service you have bought, or are thinking of buying

The Niche Marketing Framework includes a detailed Mind Map and a 1-hour Webinar Recording.

Affiliate Marketing Framework

This Framework is valuable for people using affiliate marketing as part of their business; but is especially valuable to anyone thinking of affiliate marketing as their primary business model.

It identifies options for:

  • Reward models
  • Timing models
  • Affiliate program selection models
  • Promotional site models

Issues to do with traffic, conversion and niche selection are dealt with in the relevant frameworks covering those topics.

The Affiliate Marketing Framework includes a detailed Mind Map and a 1-hour Webinar Recording.

Product Development Framework

The Product Development business model can be one of the most profitable, and offers a huge number of opportunities.

You can research needs, use your own experience of issues and problems or simply brainstorm possibilities.

This business model also offers a chance to make use of your skills, imagination and creativity.

The Product Development Framework includes a detailed Mind Map, a 1-hour Webinar Recording and a Product Funnel Model spreadsheet, which will calculate your income based on various assumptions about the prices of the different products in your product funnel, and the conversion rates.

IM Techniques Frameworks

The IM techniques Frameworks are not detailed training resources (which you can find in hundreds of other places), but overviews that provide unique high-level understanding of the topics. As with the Business Model Frameworks, nothing like these exists anywhere else.

They are invaluable both for learning about the techniques at a high level - during the Learning stage - and also as reference documents - primarily during the Choosing & Defining stage and the Planning stage. They provide the options and choices available to you.

Traffic Generation Framework    

This Framework provides an exceptionally comprehensive overview of traffic generation that will help your high-level understanding like no other resource on the internet.

The Framework introduces the new idea of the Five Objectives of Traffic Generation. These are:

  • Referrals
  • Relevance
  • Rank
  • Rapport, and
  • Reputation

The Framework includes ELEVEN high-level traffic generation Strategies, and FORTY-FIVE supporting traffic generation Techniques. For each Technique, an indication is given of which of the Five Objectives it contributes towards.

The Traffic Generation Framework includes a detailed Mind Map and a 1-hour Webinar Recording.

Traffic Conversion Framework

Traffic conversion is about more than simply writing "Good Copy", and it starts with figuring out what you want to "convert" the visitor into (buyer, subscriber, fan...) - in other words, the Most Wanted Response.

It also involves understanding who your visitor is, what previous exposure they have had to you/your products/your website/the subject matter.

This unique Framework breaks down this whole area into its components and presents the options available to you for each component.

The Traffic Conversion Framework includes a detailed Mind Map and a 1-hour Webinar Recording.

Monetization Framework

Monetization is the ultimate purpose for any business. Being at the very centre of the business, it links together all its core elements - traffic, websites, list... and more.

Right at the start of specifying your business model, your income sources need to be identified - and this unique Monetization Framework can provide additional ideas.

It provides a rich source of ideas for choosing a business model and should be used during that part of the Choosing & Defining Stage.

It identifies what ASSETS can be monetized (traffic, website, followers etc.) and different WAYS of monetizing.

As with the other Frameworks, it provides you with a structured way of thinking about this topic and identifying your options.

The Monetization Framework includes a detailed Mind Map and a 1-hour Webinar Recording.

Internet Professionals

The Internet Professionals Disciplines are "how to" guides.

They cover topics that are relevant to anyone operating an internet marketing business. In fact, many of them are relevant to people running any type of business.

These are not core topics that you'd find in a standard IM training program - and yet they are essential to anyone who wants to run their business professionally - i.e. efficiently, rationally, systematically and in a way that will make growth faster and easier.

All the Disciplines are relevant at the Operating stage, but many are also relevant at any stage. .

Activity Monitoring    

Have you ever come to the end of the day, week or month and thought

"Where has all the time gone?
What did I spend my time DOING?"

If you have, then the Activity Monitoring Discipline will help you keep track of exactly what you've been doing, and help ensure you're allocating your time to what you have decided is most important.

But before you can start monitoring your activities, you need to work out what activities you SHOULD be performing. In the Operating Stage, this can be quite complex to work out - which is why the IPMA provides the Activity Scheduling Template to help you set priorities.

Activity Monitoring is especially useful during the Operating Stage, but the basic ideas can be used at any Stage.

The Activity Monitoring Discipline includes a detailed Mind Map, a 1-hour Webinar Recording and three Templates: for
  • Project Task Planning
  • Activity Scheduling and 
  • Activity Monitoring.

Continuity Management

This topic doesn't move your business forward one jot - but it could make the difference between HAVING a business and NOT having a business.

Ignore this at your peril!

It provides you with strategies to help ensure your business survives when (not if) a potentially devastating disaster hits - such as:

  • Complete hard-drive failure
  • Loss of your website
  • Theft of all your equipment
  • etc.

The Continuity Management Discipline includes a detailed Mind Map with a built-in Action Plan, and a 1-hour Webinar Recording.

Documenting Operational Processes

Operational processes are at the core of running your business. The more efficiently you can run them, the more profitable your business will become.

Recording and documenting those processes - where appropriate - is the first step towards making them efficient.

The mind map and webinar..:

  • Explain the difference between Operational Processes and Prospect Processes
  • Show that there are two categories of Operational Process: Systems and Business
  • Identify the seven types of process documentation and give examples of each of them
  • Show examples of actual process documentation in various forms
  • Provide a very pragmatic approach to how and when (and why) to document your processes

The Documenting Operational Processes Discipline includes a detailed Mind Map, a 1-hour Webinar Recording and three Templates/Spreadsheets:

Operating Procedure Template - for documenting your processes

Records Template Template - a template to create your own record-keeping templates

Twitter Records Manager - an example

Link Management    

Links are the pathways along which everything related to your websites flows.

Proper management of links means being able to track how much traffic comes from each actual source.

The webinar shows how to set things up so that you can get all the information you need from Google Analytics. It shows how I use the the Campaign Link Tracking Tool for a live site, and then shows the Google Analytics results.

The tool makes it easy to create the special "tracking URLs" that give Google Analytics the information needed to provide you with the reports you need to optimise your traffic sources. (If you've tried to create and use these URLs, you'll understand how valuable this is.)

It also provides you with a convention for how to use the Campaign Variables that make up these URLs.

The Link Management Discipline includes a Slide Presentation, a 1-hour Webinar Recording and the Campaign Link Tracking Tool.

Market Engagement    

Market Engagement is about .. engaging with your market!

By "market" here, I am being very general, and mean any type of person who you may need to interact with to run your business - including:

  • Customers
  • Affiliates and JV Partners
  • Brokers
  • Suppliers of products and services you use
  • Freelances/outsourcers
  • Affiliate Managers
  • Potential Partners
  • Investors
  • Business Buyers
  • Networkers....

This means that, whatever your business model - even if it does not require you to get customers - Market Engagement applies to you.

The Market Engagement Discipline includes a detailed Mind Map, two 1-hour Webinar Recording a Twitter Records Manager Template.

Performance Tracking    

Operational Indicators, also known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), should be the centrepiece of how an online business is run.

This webinar explains this idea in more detail and gives examples of how to derive KPIs in order to monitor your business performance. It also suggests an approach to how and when to perform the monitoring.

Once your business is in the Operating Stage, to a very significant degree your short and medium term agendas should be defined by the sort of performance tracking described in this webinar.

The Performance Tracking Discipline includes a detailed Mind Map, a 1-hour Webinar Recording and a Business Performance Monitoring Template for you to be able to record your performance and track it against your KPIs.

Record Keeping    

To many people, this sounds like the most boring topic imaginable. But here's a lesson from history about the value of excellent administration and record keeping.

The growth of the Bitish Empire was due in no small part to the power of the Royal Navy; and the transformation of the Royal Navy from an unprofessional, badly managed collection of ships and men into the most powerful fleet in the world was due to the work of one man - Samuel Peyps - better known for his famous diaries documenting 17th England.

And central to how Peyps transformed the Royal Navy was... excellent administration and record keeping!

He created ledgers to record all sorts of detail about everything to do with the Royal Navy - which was the only way he could hope to know what was going on and to improve things.

Even though you are not creating a navy to help found a global empire, the principles of excellent administration and record keeping are equally important to the success of your business.

The webinar covers:

  • The importance and need for proper recording keeping
  • An overview of the types of records needed for an online business
  • Record keeping in relation to the IMI Organizer
  • Example templates for certain types of record

This is one of those topics related to internet marketing for which there is almost no advice or help available elsewhere because it isn't high-profile and directly related to revenue earning.

The Record Keeping Discipline includes a detailed Mind Map, a 1-hour Webinar Recording. ALL the templates and worksheets mentioned elsewhere are relevant to this topic.

Time Management    

Other parts of the Master Agenda cover how to determine WHAT you need to spend your time on.

This specific Discipline is about tactics and some tools that will help ensure you DO spend your time doing what needs to be done. This goes beyond the brief introduction to the topic within the Asserting Stage.

There is no single technique for effective time management that is right for EVERYONE. And there is no single technique that is right for ANYONE all of the time. What we need is a range of tactics and the ability to know when to use each of them.

The Time Management Discipline includes a detailed Mind Map and a 1-hour Webinar Recording.

Professional Development

This is a separate Program of it's own - but currently it is only available as part of the
Internet Professionals Master Agenda Program. There is no extra charge for access to this material.

Success in any venture - especially in business - requires personal development.

I have called this a professional development program, as opposed to a personal development program, because I include properly researched ideas from adult developmental psychology, rather than those elements of much of "personal development" that are based on pop-psychology, psuedo-spirituality, new-age mysticism or wealth-worship.

Many of the techniques are those used by consultants in corporate environments.

Empowering Mindset    

The most talented, gifted and skilful person is indistinguishable from the average person if they have an unempowering mindset. On the other hand, an average person becomes exceptional if they cultivate and maintain an empowering mindset.

In other words, an empowering mindset is the start, middle and end of what it means to be successful.

Success is impossible without it, and assured with it. There is simply nothing more important.

The good news is that you can do something about it!

This module:

  • Explains what I mean by an Empowering Mindset
  • Describes strategies and techniques for cultivating it - with an emphasis on doing so in the context of wealth-creation on the internet
  • Suggests routines and habits to maintain and reinforce an Empowering Mindset

The Empowering Mindset module includes a detailed Mind Map and a 1-hour Webinar Recording.

Action Inquiry: Introduction & The Action Logics

If you like Psychology, you will
probably get very excited by this!

The majority of personal development systems assume we are all at the same stage of development.

Even worse ... most personal development systems have no model of  "stages of development" at all - or if they do, it often is based on un-proven pop-psychology.

So, when we undertake "personal development", what or how EXACTLY are we DEVELOPING?

Action Inquiry incorporates a developmental model which has been the subject of Doctoral and Post-Doctoral studies for many years, and it is used by management and leadership consultants in many countries as a tool to help individuals and businesses.

This module introduces the core ideas of Action Inquiry, and in particular, describes the seven Action Logics that form the basis of the developmental model used in Action Inquiry.

It also explains the assumptions made by many personal development system, and how an understanding of the Action Logics explains why so many personal development techniques fail.

The Action Inquiry: Introduction module includes a detailed Mind Map and a 1-hour Webinar Recording.

Action Inquiry: Techniques To Improve Awareness

Here we all are, smart, self-satisfied, self-important humans: the pinnacle of billions of years of cosmic development and biological evolution; the life-form with (as far as we know) the best understanding of the universe; the only known type of entity in the known universe that has the power consciously to reflect and choose how to respond to its environment...

And yet we spend most of our short lives acting like automatons on auto-pilot. Our minds trick us into thinking otherwise, but don't be fooled. We exercise our free will a great deal less than our tricksy mind would have us believe!

Some Teachers have likened this to being asleep, and exhort us to "wake up!". Others talk about improving Awareness.

Action Inquiry starts with this notion of awareness - and primarily with awareness of ourselves.

It includes a number of deceptively simple but profound exercises to help us improve our self-awareness.

This module explains a number of these exercises.

Not everyone will agree with me on this, but...
...the techniques here are the simplest to understand, the hardest to perform consistently and yet, potentially, the most life-transforming of anything in the whole of the IPMA.

The Action Inquiry: Techniques to improve awareness module includes a detailed Mind Map and a 1-hour Webinar Recording.

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