You're smart, you work hard, you're motivated

                                                ... but STILL online success eludes you.

Don't try another system.    Try another perspective.   

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So What's The Big Deal About
Being A Professional?

Just take a look at the dictionary definition of a "professional":


“A person who earns a living in an occupation

  frequently engaged in by amateurs.” Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc.

That's what it's all about, isn't it?  When all's said and done, that's your goal, right?

Actually, that definition says what a professional IS.

But what is much more interesting is what a professional DOES, because then you know how to BECOME a profitable professional.

And THAT, my friend, is what this site is all about!

Helping YOU become an Internet Professional so that you can, finally, earn a living online.

Are You Ready For Professionalism?

Of course, not everyone "gets" it. Not everyone is ready for professionalism.

For example, if you:

    • Expect to get a quick cash fix online

    • Are still looking for the next hot traffic trick

    • Believe that all you need to do is follow some idiot-proof step-by-step blueprint

    • Are praying that your latest magic-bullet subscription (another fully automated, push-button, do-it-all money-making machine) will, somehow, bring in the rent this month

...then you're not ready yet.

Come back to this site when you've suffered a few more disappointments and have finally woken up from those fantasies.

On the other hand, if you are:

    • Sick and tired of being sold stuff you don't need

    • Looking for a bigger picture understanding to help you make proper strategic decisions.

    • Tired of feeling confused, unfocussed and directionless 

    • Ready to abandon the biz-op mentality of much of internet marketing

  • Prepared to take a longer-term view of your business

... then the chances are you're perfectly ready to take a new direction with your business and adopt the working practices of internet professionals.

Which will get you on the road to PROFITS!

My FREE 7-Day Course on

What It Takes To Be A Professional

is the perfect starting point for you.

Let's Get Specific About Professionalism

You're probably wondering what I mean by "working practices of internet professionals".


 Here are some examples:

These are also examples of topics covered inside this site.

    • Creating your own agenda, instead of following someone else’s

    • Staying focussed and avoiding distractions – especially if you have limited time to devote to your business

    • Developing a personal and business vision: to motivate you and give you direction when making strategic decisions

    • Choosing your business model in a rational and principled way (instead of having it chosen for you)

    • Defining and documenting the key strategies of your business (business USPs, Traffic Strategies, Monetization Strategies, Conversion Strategies)

    • Planning your projects professionally so you don’t fool yourself into thinking something can be done in 2 weeks when in reality it will take 3 months

    • Protecting your business against potentially serious setbacks (loss of data etc.)

... and much more.

And let me make it very clear...

"It's not about technology"

You may be looking at the list of issues above and notice that I've not included any technology issues such as traffic generation, copywriting, list building, testing and tracking, product development etc.

Very obviously, you DO need to master these (or know enough to outsource them).

But equally obviously, those are NOT the issues that hold people back. I know many people who are highly competent in all or most of the fields, and yet STILL success eludes them.

Competence in those fields is part of being an Internet Professional - and there are hundreds or thousands of places you can go to learn that expertise.

This site could well be the ONLY place where you can learn everything else.

"And What Makes YOU The Expert On Professionalism?"

Alex Goodall

That's a fair question! It's time I introduced myself.

I'm Alex Goodall, the person behind Internet Professionals.

I've been active online for many years, and full-time since early 2009.

My previous experience includes:

    • 10 years working as the Principal Knowledge Management Consultant and
      Project Manager in a multi-national corporatation

    • 8 years as Founder and Managing Director of an artificial intelligence
      software development and training company,

    • 10 years as an advanced technology Consultant, Writer and Publisher of a leading-edge, high-cost newsletter

  • 6 years part-time personal study into adult developmental psychology and personal/organizational change

Online, I have been selling an organising tool for internet marketers since 2006. It's the most comprehensive and professionally designed such tool on the planet.

However, online success did not come easily to me, despite my skills and background and dedication. Which means I have a deep understanding about the problems other people go through trying to succeed online: I understand this emotionally and logically. Someone who made their first $10K after 6 months probably doesn't understand this in the same way.

I also have a unique way of analyzing ideas and topics based on 25+ years of knowledge management experience.

At the end of 2009, I started a small mentoring program, making use of my past work experience and the lessons I learned from the struggles I went through setting up an online business.

The response to the mentoring program was overwhelmingly positive. For example 7 of the first 10 people who joined are still in the program.

And now YOU can learn what it takes to be a Professional   

Don't spend another hour as a loss-making amateur.

Start your journey to Profitable Professionalism TODAY!

FREE 7-Day Course On
"What it takes to be a Professional"

Give me 10 minutes per day
over the next 7 days and I

will change the way you look
at your online business...

Forever !

Get a unique insight into this powerfully transforming system that has been YEARS in the making.

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Free 7-Day Induction Course:
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